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  1. What kind of information is required to be submitted for listing?To list your business with us, you need to submit the business contact details, detailed addresses, service descriptions, categories of services, hours of operation, methods of payment, customer reviews, offer/s (if any), as many as four logos of the business and photos of the business site.
  2. What makes The Security Register one of the leading directory sites?The Security Register has 100% original listings. We review and verify every single business listed with us and only list the ones that provide genuine information and quality services. Every listing is of premium quality with its individual website link and all relevant details.
  3. How do I get leads by listing on your directory?Thousands of people search for security services in the UK on a daily basis. If you are listed with us, these people can view your business on the list provided to them. This can get you a significant number of leads with huge conversion potential.
  4. How do I follow up on the status of my business listing?The Security Register team will send a mail as soon as you put the listing order of your business with us. When the order is complete and the listing is done, we send you another email to check the current status of your listing.
  5. Why do we ask businesses to update their information on a regular basis?Updating business information on a regular basis helps you keep a comprehensive track of the leads. For instance, if a person searches for “alarm installation in the UK” and calls a number that is no longer in use, then you lose out a valuable lead. This is something that all businesses want to avoid and this is the primary reason why we ask businesses to regularly update their business details.
  6. Who reads the information? Our visitors read the information on our website. People all over the UK trust business listing sites for proper business information. If a customer needs manned guarding in the UK, accessing them needs just a few clicks!
  7. What is the goal of this business listing site?We intend to offer improved web traffic and increased online presence to the listed businesses. A plethora of clients come across security services registered on our listing site to ease up their search.
  8. Why is it necessary to keep the listing accurate?When visitors stumble upon your business profile by our listing, offering accurate company information helps you get better online visibility on your professional website. A website full of obsolete business details can take a toll on your business health.